About Us

Who are we?

Difficult to answer really, but we will try.

Firstly, we are now in our 50s and we started all of this nonsense in our 30s after we have been married a few years. We both have a high sex drive, a low boredom threshold and open minds.

We are nauseatingly close to each other, even after all these years, and that has been a key part of the success of our journey.

We are British but we travel a lot. Extensively across Europe, often in the US and increasingly across South East Asia with a particular love for Thailand and Vietnam.

Over the last 20 years, we have increasingly pushed our experimental and sexual boundaries and we are still doing so. We haven’t always enjoyed what we tried,


Q: Are Frannie & Rick your real names?

A: No, they are our pen-names and come from the way that the names of Fanny and Dick were changed in the Enid Blyton book, The Magic Faraway Tree

Dick and Fanny have been changed to Rick and Frannie, due to the modern sexual connotations of the original names.

Q: Do you ever get jealous?

A: Yes. Definitely. And often from something that we didn’t expect. The key is to discuss it and then, usually, not to repeat the thing that was giving us the pangs of jealousy.

Sometimes, though, our boundaries change and what made us jealous previously doesn’t any more. Kissing is the best example of this when we both struggled to see the other one in a deep passionate kiss, but now it’s rather nice to see each other one being desired.

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